Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Pre-Speech Script

The speech to be given by President Barack Obama tonight, Sept. 9th, 2009 has at least been partially released already.  Here it is

I read the excerpts, and I must say that I ACTUALLY, think that he has compromised,and the general direction has vastly improved from previous versions of a plan.  I think the insurance exchange at a high level sound plausible, as long as it is not a first step down the road or slippery slope into a single payer system.  Is the new direction an indication that the American people speaking up had an effect, or that Barack Obama is not as irrational as the Congressional Democrats that currently hold the majority, or as irrational as the f*ing Birthers?

Now that the praise is over, the excerpts were good, but were they just excerpts, because I seem to be missing the detail into the third basic goal. “And it will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government.”  The excerpts mention health care costs growing slower, but further down there is no detail on how this new plan, to be referred to as the President Plan, will actually accomplish this.  I think because of this there are questions I have that are not allowing me to sign off on the whole President Plan.  The details aren’t there and won’t be there for a while, but how about a mention of whether the plan to diminish health care cost growth is going to be accomplished through more taxes (God forbid that the achievers of this country are allowed to keep their earnings without having to subsidizes the moochers!), or will it be because of Tort Reform (Yeah!). People should not bring frivolous lawsuits against doctors, thus increasing the cost of Malpractice insurance and then the cost of medical care.  Or maybe let the doctors set the price of the medical care and not some federal or state bureaucrat working for Medicare and Medicaid.  Doctors should receive what they charge, and if that happened always then they could start to lower there costs through the competition of the free market. 

Okay, so I digressed just a tiche.  Read the excerpts and you decide how you feel.  I would say that I like the President Plan, with the provision that more details, mainly how to pay for the “inevitable” new bureaucracy to be put in place by the health insurance exchange, will come out with plenty of time for discussion and not a rushed vote.

I think President Barack Obama, may have just told the extremists of both parties to, particularly his own, to stop digging in against this legislation, because compromise is the only feasible solution.  The American majority, the moderates, can not and should not be ruled or swayed by the squeaky wheels, Marxists, communists, and extremists of any party.  

Let the debate begin.

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